In-Class TESOL Certification

This is a 3 week in-class intensive training that is comprised of 60 hours in total.

Included in the program is an additional 60 hour Specialization course that is completed online during or after the in-class portion.

All course materials are included. Upon completion you will receive an Internationally accredited 120 hour TESOL Certificate which will qualify you for thousands of ESL Teaching positions worldwide.

Airport pick up, accommodations and meals are included upon request. (Pricing may vary. Inquire directly for specific details)

Spanish Lessons

Courses are for people who need to master the Spanish language. Courses are taught in groups of a minimum of three students and a maximum of eight. Classes are held Monday through to Friday mornings (08:00-12:00), or 25 hours per week. Start dates are every Monday of the year (see calendar). When a student has prior knowledge of Spanish, he or she is invited to take an evaluation test to determine exactly which level course would suit best. The teaching of Spanish in AMISTAD is organized into four levels – Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Superior.


When it comes to discovering the real Costa Rica, there's no better way to see the country than by exploring the quaint mountain towns off the beaten path. The locals are friendly and hospitable, but amenities aimed at tourists are scarce. These charming towns and villages offer visitors a glimpse at the laid back lifestyle for which Ticos are famous. If you're taking a trip to the province of Heredia, a stop in Santa Barbara is well worth it.

Santa Barbara is located around four miles northeast of the city of Alajuela and six miles (10 km) northwest of the city of Heredia. Many of the locals make their living from agriculture, including coffee plantations and herb farms. Life here is peaceful, as most tourists tend to flock to the more populous cities such as the capital of San Jose. However, if you're looking for a relaxing way to enjoy everything that Costa Rica has to offer, Santa Barbara won't disappoint.


Benefit from your stay in Costa Rica while adding a practical experience to your resume. Having worked abroad will make you stand out from the crowd! We can help you organize a tailor made volunteer experience /internship in the country where you can prove your flexibility, self-confidence and openness to different working environments. Internships and volunteer in Costa Rica are generally unpaid so they should not be seen as an employment rather than the unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience abroad that will pay out on the long term. Among our partners are well-known international and national companies, medium-sized and small Costa Rican enterprises, private and public institutions, non-profit organizations as well as governmental authorities. Placements are available year round throughout the country and have a minimum duration of 2 weeks. The placement process takes between 2 and 4 weeks. In urgent cases we can speed up the organization. The more time you give us the better we can adjust your volunteer / internship place to your personal needs.