It was a cold February morning in Boston back in 2006 When Andre made the decision that changed his life. In his arduous search for career opportunities abroad, he came across a free informational seminar being hosted by Global TESOL College near Copley Plaza that evening. Andre signed up immediately and in no time at all was on the subway bound for Boston. At the seminar, an energetic speaker explained how being a native English speaker alone qualified him for well-paid job opportunities teaching English as a Second Language in exciting and exotic locations all over the world. Looking down at the brochure in front of him, Andre was enamored by the cover page which exhibited the lush tropical jungle of Costa Rica. It was at that moment he decided that was where he wanted to go. He signed up that night and completed his Advanced TESOL certificate shortly after. Within one month, he was on a one-way flight to San Jose Costa Rica with two suitcases and an ESL job lined up with an international English school. Andre spent five years living in Costa Rica, during which time he founded an English school that served a rural community North of San Jose and established a Global TESOL College training center which certified aspiring native English speaking teachers. In addition to discovering his love for travel, Andre also found the love of his life in Costa Rica and got married while he was there. He gained fluency in Spanish, traveled every inch of the country and even had the opportunity to visit many of the surrounding countries in the region. Today Andre’s desire is to promote global travel and language learning across the world.

Andre Sigourney

Instructor and Program Coordinator

After graduating Middlebury College with a degree in Economics, Kristin was presented with an offer to teach English in Costa Rica. Within one month she received her teaching certificate with Global TESOL College, and with no knowledge of the Spanish language she landed in Costa Rica. Her students soon became her teachers, of Spanish, Latin culture and music. Kristin's horizons opened up wide and her love of the Spanish language and Latin culture kept here for five years teaching and living in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. It was there that she began training and sharing her experience with new English teachers working with Global TESOL College Costa Rica. Her passion for the environment and the over development she witnessed while living and traveling in Costa Rica and Panama, brought her to pursue a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development at Hawai’i Pacific University. While studying, Kristin continued working as an English teacher in Hawai’i. Teaching English proved to be what paid the bills while she lived abroad in Brazil and later in Peru where she met her husband. Kristin has a strong commitment to helping folks who love to travel, meet new people and experience new cultures. She has proven she can equip new teachers with the skills and tools that can create new opportunities for them to expand their horizons and follow their passions around the world.

Kristin Reid