Certificate & Diploma Programs


The first step towards your Global TESOL College Certificate or Diploma starts with our 60 hour Foundation course.


Once you’ve finished our Foundation course, you must complete at least one of our 16 Specialization courses (60 hours) in order to obtain our basic certificate, the Advanced TESOL Certificate.

You attain a higher Certificate or Diploma by simply completing more Specialization courses.

Depending on the number of Specialization courses you complete, you can obtain one of the Certificates or Diplomas listed below

Standard Certificate

       (120 Hour)

  Foundation Course

(60 Hours)

TESOL Certificate Programs


Our Certificate Programs are designed for individuals who desire to teach English internationally or locally. Our industry standard programs are popular for anyone ready for a life-changing year or two abroad.

teaching certification

Program 1: Advanced TESOL Certificate Program

Start your adventure today. Become TESOL Certified to “Travel and Teach English Worldwide” with confidence and skill. Receive the industry standard credential required to teach conversational English

• 120 Hours Total

• Foundation TESOL Course (60 hour)  +

1 Specialization Course (60 hour) 

teach English

Program 2: Professional TESOL Certificate Program

For solid credentials and more employment flexibility… A greater depth of knowledge in the TESOL Profession translates into more opportunities and higher paying positions.

• 240 Hours

• Foundation TESOL Course + 3 Specialization Courses

TESOL Diploma Programs


Elevate your credentials, employment options and income with a Global TESOL College Diploma. A worthwhile investment for both short and long-term TESOL careers.

retire abroad

Program 3: Advanced TESOL Diploma Program

For more lucrative and prestigious employment opportunities… The Advanced TESOL Diploma is an achievement of “Academic Excellence” with more employment options in higher level positions.

• 360 Hours

• Foundation TESOL Course + 5 Specialization Courses

overseas job placement

Program 4: Professional TESOL Diploma Program

TESOL with Distinction… Earn this top level Diploma and impress even the most selective employers, and work in academic settings. This program represents academic achievements that will provide you with the widest array of specialized employment options, more benefits, and higher pay.

• 600 Hours

• Foundation TESOL Course + 9 Specialization Courses

TESOL Instructor Diploma Program

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Program 5: TESOL Instructor Diploma Program

This program is available to Global TESOL College’s International Agents and Franchise Partners. E-mail franchise@globaltesol.com if you would like to be licensed to offer or sell our programs in your area.

• 700 Hours

• Foundation TESOL Course + 10 Specialization Courses

• Enrollment Approval Required