It has been a wonderful experience working with Global Tesol. Maria worked hard to get us a job and was very helpful. 


Thank you so much Maria for all that you did for us. 


I can highly recommend Global Tesol to anyone that wants professional assistance for there future career as an English Teacher. 



Soren & Thembi

Soren and Thembi


After complete my Advanced TESOL Certificate course, I taught English in Latin America for several years and loved every minute of it. I found my passion for teaching and now teach at the university level in Canada. I have this program to thank for everything. Sign up now!

Andrew Woodbury

Andrew Woodbury


Global TESOL College is an amazing company focused on training English teachers and helping them find work at reputable ESL/EFL schools. Andre Sigourney is not only an incredible instructor, but he is also completely dedicated to finding his graduates the job of their dreams. Global TESOL College exceeded my expectations and allowed me to gain international teaching experience. I highly recommend this organization to anyone interested in traveling abroad.

- Charmaine D'Souza, Global TESOL College Graduate

Charmaine D'Souza


If you are looking to get certified to teach ESL/EFL then choose this school! I completed my training with Andre at Global TESOL College and immediately was hired by an international language School. The techniques and experiences offered in this training are invaluable and I utilize them in my classes every day. I have spoken to many people who have taken a TESOL or TEFL course and no one has told me of a course that covers as much practical information and post course job placement assistance as Global TESOL College does. Thank you Global TESOL College for preparing me to become the dynamic teacher that my students appreciate!

Jessie Usselman

Jessie Usselman

If you are planning on taking a TESOL course, take it here!! Taking the course with Global TESOL College was the best decision we made! After the completing the course, we were provided with many contacts for schools in our desired destination. With this program we feel confident and well prepared to find employment anywhere in the world! Come to Global TESOL College, you won’t regret it!
Roxanne Cartwright & Luke Penner

Roxanne Cartwright & Luke Penner

cr 5.jpeg

I am a Global TESOL College graduate and proud to say that this program helped me live out my dream of traveling and living abroad. Both my husband and I took advantage of the opportunities presented and made the life changing decision to better our lives in so many ways. We were happy mid-life business persons but decided to simplify our lifestyle and choose new careers that embodied much of our life experiences to open the door for new adventures. And, to be completely honest, we also wanted to live in a more tropical region than North America.

How did Global TESOL College make this happen - well start with a desire to improve yourself...whether you decide to teach English as a second language or simply learn a new skill, Global TESOL College taught us a lot about ourselves, our character and our goals. After we finished our Foundation course, we were like greedy sponges ready to absorb as much as possible in continued specialization courses and actually enjoyed the Back to School experience.....OK so it was a bit tough to study, take notes, interact with younger fresher minds, and take quizzes on skills that we took for granted, but I can now explain why as native English speakers, we use so many strange idioms and expressions! When was the last time you had to explain what raining like cats and dogs meant, or the joy of explaining why you want to sleep like a log!

Global TESOL College offered a learning experience that was interactive, refreshing, informative, and taught both me and my husband about the advantages we have available to us for a wonderful teaching career. We can travel, learn and appreciate new cultures, help others, get a tan AND earn a decent living.  Their approach to teaching is as exciting and as effective as you want it to be. They give you all the tools to build on your future and it is then up to you to choose the path that best fits your goals.

Their training books and manuals are gold: mine are marked up, highlighted, underlined, dog eared and totally treasured. In the past, when someone offered me 'pearls of wisdom' I used to think jewelry, now I think of Global TESOL College instructions and teaching tips! Being taught to teach was only part of the experience, we also learned how to source out relevant information, how to find a job that suited our needs, how to negotiate the contract, how to prepare for whatever new country we choose, and what to look for and what to be wary of. We soon realized that the contacts and 100% job guarantee that Global TESOL College offered were better than many of the other training facilities we had heard about.

If this all sounds too good to be true, please remember that YOU must add common sense, flexibility, be responsible for your choices and WANT to make the most of the opportunity and adventure you are looking for. We did. While concentrating on our tan, we most certainly had to brush up on our grammar.

As a middle-aged couple who insisted on being hired together, in one of only a few countries we would consider, with salary expectations that we were not ready to compromise on and travelling with our dear dog Dexter....Andre Sigourney and his team at Global TESOL College made everything possible. We had a positive attitude and they made our dreams come true. I have never been as proud of myself and my career and thrilled about our future as I am right now. My husband is shaking his head in agreement so we are happy and grateful Global TESOL College grads who work to live rather than live to work. Never confuse having a career with having a life and now we have both.


June Feldman

June Feldman

cr 6.jpeg

My entire experience with Global TESOL College was exceptional and I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in teaching English! I was taken care of and supported right from the moment I started to the moment I was hired to teach at a very reputable international English school. The course was challenging, but the end results were worth it! It was very thorough and I found the Foundation course to be extremely valuable as it covered teaching methodologies and strategies in depth and my instructor was very helpful in his explanations and answering my questions and concerns. After having spoken with many other ESL teachers, I have no doubt in my mind that Global TESOL College is a superior school that leaves you confident and well prepared to for any classroom environment.