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What is TESOL?

TESOL means Teacher(s) of English to Speakers of Other Languages, a term commonly associated to the English teaching and English teacher certification process from a distinct North American perspective.


The industry of teaching English has developed many different acronyms associated with the teaching, learning, examination, and certification of the English language. The English language is THE world language; therefore different acronyms have been developed all over the world by educators in this field. The acronyms used are not globally standardized and many exist which are specific to a particular public or private certificate-granting institution.

Why you need to be Global TESOL certified


The industry of teaching English has evolved significantly over the past decade, and foreign language schools are becoming selective when hiring new teachers. The number of qualified and experienced teachers has increased as well, making a Global TESOL Certification your most valuable asset.


With a Global TESOL College Certificate in hand, you instantly become certified to work in almost any country in the world; plus you now possess one of the most internationally recognized, respected and desired English teacher credentials in the industry ... 65,000 Global TESOL College graduates are living proof.

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Do I Need TESOL Certification... Do I Need A Degree?

A TESOL Certificate makes it less difficult to find a good job with a reputable employer, even if you have a degree. And teachers who have Global TESOL College Certification are eligible for many more employment opportunities and considerably higher wages.


No wonder uncertified teachers who have taught abroad in the past become TESOL Certified before they go teaching abroad again – so they can get a job in today’s competitive market.

Academics and employers agree that a university degree alone will not prepare you to teach English as a second language. Most university ESL courses are theory based and locally focused. Global TESOL College Certification offers more...


TESOL teachers require special skills and knowledge to teach communication in a foreign land. Therefore, reputable employers require that the teachers they hire are TESOL certified.

For most countries, a TESOL Certificate is the major requirement. In addition to a TESOL Certificate, a college degree is a common requirement; however, that alone does not guarantee employment.


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